The movies depict bachelor parties as a rowdy and wild time, complete with exotic dancers, impromptu trips to Vegas, and loads of alcohol that leave everyone in a drunken stupor for the wedding day. However, real-life bachelor parties are, or can be, a little different—sans strippers and hangovers.

This article gives you a few ideas on how to celebrate a bachelor party without the rambunctious shenanigans you see in movies.

Camping Anyone? Hit the Great Outdoor Hiking Trails

Hiking is a great way to bond with your bros while exploring the great outdoors in search of the perfect camping spot. It allows you to breathe fresh air, get some much-needed exercise, and have a little time away, like a guys’ weekend, before you and your sweetheart tie the knot.

Tip: Take a comfortable pair of hiking shoes with waterproof insoles and excellent all-terrain tread. The right shoes can make or break your bachelor camping trip.

Charter a Boat for a Weekend of Fishing and Relaxation with Best Buds Before the Big Day

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as sipping a beer while you tell jokes with your best buds over a few rods and fishing gear. So, charter a boat for the weekend. You usually get your pick of overnight or all-day outings with catch limits and opportunities to snag some rare fish.

Side note: If fishing isn’t your forte, snag a few competition handguns and head to a gun range instead.

Book a Vacay at a Hotel and Casino Combo for Some Good Old-Fashioned Gambling

Nothing like those aforementioned impromptu trips to Vegas, this vacay should be a little more responsible than the kind you see in movies. Take your pals to a hotel and casino combo, where the drinks are running all night and the tables are calling your name. But set a budget to make sure you don’t blow all of your moolah on games before the honeymoon.

Plan a Weekend of Adventurous, Adrenaline-Fueled Activities, like Paintball Battles and Skydiving

What’s on your bucket list? Take some of your fellow adrenaline junkies for a weekend of thrills and adventures to mark off some bucket list stuff. Skydiving is a big one, but you could also get involved in paintball battles, go snorkeling in the open oceans, or zipline over a lake of alligators.

Four Fun Bachelor Party Ideas for Groomsmen and Father of the Bride

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