When your establishment or catering company requires restaurant hood cleaning orlando fl and in the surrounding areas, choose an excellent professional and efficient commercial company that specializes in the unique and timely services that are necessary to properly maintain your equipment and property, maintain proper airflow, extends the exhaust fan life, be compliant with fire codes as well as local and state health regulations and codes and the NFPA 96 guidelines, and provide a clean and safe work environment.

You have probably discovered for yourself that embedded grease, dirt, grime dirt, and other buildup does not come off the hood with simple scrubbing. It requires a professional state-of-the-art pressure steam cleaner that is highly experienced and will tackle the toughest jobs and do a deep cleaning so that the equipment will stay up to code. Authorities, health inspectors, and insurance companies require that the hoods are kept clean to avoid the possibility of grease fires and that they function properly. A clean fan, hood, and ducts delays grease build-up. Professional exhaust hood cleanings meet or exceed the standards.

Exhaust hood cleaning from the cook top to the rooftop is very important in order to maintain the kitchen in an operational and safe manner. The National Fire Protection Association reports that more than 11,000 annual fires occur in restaurant kitchens, and they result in more than $160 million in damages. Routine hood cleaning reduces those chances of fire.

Grease can ignite in a liquid, solid, or vapor form. Half of the fires begin in the kitchen, and cooking equipment caused two out of five of those fires. Major fires have begun on a cook line located right undereneath the exhaust hood.

Atlantic Steam Pressure Cleaning is family-operated and is an excellent example of a commercial kitchen cleaning company that has been providing its services since 1994. Their specialists are dedicated to keeping your equipment safe from grease fire hazards that could develop from unclean hoods. What they can do for a commercial kitchen with routine cleaning truly has them stand out from the crowd.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning is Important

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